Mobile Minutes: Customizable smartphones, Microsoft, Comcast, Samsung Gear


Do people want to build their own customizable smartphone?
Motorolas idea for the ultimate smartphone looks more like a set of Legos that make up a smartphone, per The New York Times.
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The mobile strategy war on Apple and Google
Samsung is gobbling up mobile startups. Microsoft annexed Finland Nokia. And Googles mobile ad revenues no longer require tweezers and a microscope to see. Even Amazon is thisclose to selling smartphones. These are not isolated incidents, according to Forbes.
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Comcast rebranding mobile app to ‘Xfinity TV Go’ with live TV streaming from anywhere
Comcast will update its mobile video app and rebrand it as Xfinity TV Go as soon as this week or next, The Verge has learned. Currently known as Xfinity TV Player, the new app will launch on both Android and iOS, offering a selection of roughly 35 live TV channels in addition to the library of on-demand shows and movies that subscribers currently have access to. Comcast’s other mobile app, Xfinity TV Remote, will continue to be offered separately and offers remote control of the company’s set-top boxes. A Comcast spokesperson confirmed the update, The Verge reports.
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This is why there aren’t more Samsung Galaxy Gear apps
Wonder why the Samsung Galaxy Gear has so few apps? The answer is simple — the Gear app store is still invite-only for developers, per CNet.
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