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Digital place-based ads gain traction in mobile age
Advertising is relentlessly protean, changing its shape to appear on the skin of fruit, city sidewalks, schools, doctors offices and myriad other public venues. Advances in flatscreen and mobile technology have accelerated the spread, enabling screens to deliver video in a range of targeted environments, from gyms and taxis to elevators and airports. These digital, place-based ads have gained traction in recent years with brands, ad agencies and media companies as traditional environments like broadcast television and radio show their limitations in terms of targeting, per Forbes.
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Sony’s revenue swells to $18B on mobile gains
The mobile division, which includes smartphones, sees its revenue rise 39 percent to $4.3 billion. Still, the September quarter goes down as a loss, according to CNet.
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IDC and Juniper Research disagree on the 3rd place smartphone vendor
IDC and Juniper Research have released third quarter estimates for how many smartphones have been shipped. Not surprisingly Samsung is the market share leader with Apple in second. However, IDC has Huawei in third with 12.5 million units while Juniper has Nokia in third with 14.8 million, Forbes reports.
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T-Mobile’s wacky plan to trash the wireless business model
John Legere smiled, the kind of smile reserved for a man who knows he has already won and is just waiting to announce it. Legere, chief executive officer of T-Mobile US, the fourth-largest wireless carrier in the country, was giving an interview to Bloomberg TV in July to introduce a program that would allow customers to upgrade their phones twice a year, per Bloomberg Businessweek
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