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Superfast broadband: report reveals growing mobile demand
The government must meet the modern demands of Australians by including mobile broadband as a major part of its National Broadband Network policy and this would be possible with little or no increase in costs, a new report has found, according to the Guardian.
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10 steps to creatinga mobile-optimized content marketing strategy
With the release of Googles recent Hummingbird algorithm update, mobile sites and strategies are in the spotlight. For businesses, having a site that renders across a wide variety of mobile devices is critical for doing business. A smart mobile strategy extends beyond design to content development as well. Heres a closer look at what you need to know to develop the right mobile-optimized content marketing strategy for your business.
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Inertial sensors boost smartphone GPS performance
GPS is power hungry and often suffers from poor signal strength in city centres. Now computer scientists have worked out how your smartphones inertial sensors can fill in the gaps, according to MIT Technology Review.
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Samsung shows investors foldable mobile prototypes
A patent of a foldable mobile device filed with authorities in South Korea last month gave some clues as to the future of Samsung mobile devices, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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