Jockey rolls out mobile social sweepstakes to celebrate sports fans


Jockey celebrates sports fans

Jockey is celebrating football fanatics and promoting its mens Sport Performance underwear line by launching a mobile social sweepstakes that asks women to upload photos of the sports fans in their lives.

The sweepstakes started on Nov. 10 and will run for seven weeks. Entrants will have a chance at winning weekly prizes as well as a grand prize of a $1,000 spa gift card, $1,500 shopping spree and $2,500 towards a man cave makeover.

“Marketing isnt always about talking to consumers, rather having a conversation,”said Dustin Cohn, chief marketing officer of Jockey, Kenosha, WI.We wanted fans and consumers to be able to talk to us by sharing their experiences on game day and share their content, and that is how #GuysOnSunday came to be.

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“Mobile plays a big role in our #GuysOnSunday sweepstakes,” he said.”As you know, Instagram is the channel were asking consumers to use, and thats really an application consumers access on their mobile phone.”

The Jockey sweepstakes is meant to both support sports fans and the women in their lives. It targets women whose husbands, fathers or boyfriends go crazy for football.

The sweepstakes is promoting Jockeys mens Sport Performance underwear line, which features tops and bottoms in three fabrications that provide odor control, moisture management and cooling mesh features.

To enter the sweepstakes, consumers can visit the microsite to complete a one-time entry form. They can then upload photos of the men in their lives being crazy sports fans via Instagram using the hashtag #GuysOnSunday.

Consumers above the age of 18 can upload a photo every Sunday via Instagram.

Every week a winner will be chosen for an gift card and a free Jockey Sport product. The gift card will increase in value throughout the seven weeks, starting at $100.

One consumer will win the $5,000 grand prize at the end of the seven-week period. The prize includes a spa day and shopping spree for her and a man cave makeover for him.

The sweepstakes is specifically targeting women since Jockey has found that 40 percent of underwear purchasers are made by women.

The mobile entry site

A number of marketers have been rolling out Instagram sweepstakes to engage consumers.

For example, J.M. Smucker added Instagram integration to its annual Dunkin Donuts Mug Up campaign that lets consumers upload a picture of themselves with their favorite mug of coffee for a chance at winning prizes (see story).

Bloomingdales also recently launched an Instagram contest that asked fans to submit a selfie that details a favorite beauty or styling tip that enhances their snapshot (see story).

Instagram sweepstakes combine many different assets of smartphones by taking advantage of the devices camera, on-the-go nature and easy access to social media.

“Instagram is perfectly suited to sharing amusing, authentic, spur-of-the moment photos,” said Roger Katz, CEO of Friend2Friend, New York.

Mr. Katz is not affiliated with Jockey.He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

“If Jockey can get the word out at the right moment Sundays on the couch watching the game they have a chance at creating a cache of amusing photo content they can use to entertain their social channels for a while,” Mr. Katz said.

“Instagram is a good choice because its offers little friction to super easy capturing and sharing of photos very important with a mobile campaign. But getting the word out at that moment is challenging and probably speaks to a need for coordinated game-time TV ads.”

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