Mobile Minutes: Goggle Glass, rural health care, Samsung, smartphone wars


Meet the first company cashing in on its Google Glass app
The exciting promise of Google Glass was that it would be a wearable technology allowing users to merge the physical and digital worlds, to craft a layer of information on top of what the user was seeing around them. So far, however, most of the apps on the platform have simply transplanted the functionality of their smartphone software to a screen much closer to your face. The New York Times and Twitter, for example, push updates users can scan hands-free. But there is one company playing with the possibilities Glass provides for augmented reality and making some money to boot, The Verge reports.
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How mobile apps could transform rural health care
Direct-to-consumer genetic tests make DNA information more accessible and affordable. But no one can really be sure what to make of the results, per National Journal.
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Smartphone wars: Apple versus Samsung heads for the courtroom again
The latest round in Apple and Samsung’s bitter global battle for supremacy in the $300bn+ smartphone market begins on Tuesday in a courtroom a few miles from Apple’s Silicon Valley headquarters, The Guardian reports.
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Samsung makes quiet push for new mobile OS
Most mobile phone users have never heard of Tizen. Neither have car owners or anyone with a fridge.
Samsung Electronics Co. wants to change that, according to ABC News.
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