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With Moto G phone, Google’s mobile revolution now plausible
Google’s inexpensive, new Android phones mean the company has a real chance at transforming the wireless industry — something it attempted to do nearly four years ago with the Nexus One, according to CNet.
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Mobile phones are now as crucial as food and water in emergency aid
Foreign aid is streaming into the Philippines from around the world as the news of the devastation wrought Super Typhoon Haiyan spreads, but its no longer just food, water and shelter: Before the storm even made landfall, a team from non-profit Tlcoms Sans Frontires was on the ground, carrying satellite phones and laptop-sized BGans, which enable voice calls and internet connections via satellite, per Quartz.
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Fifty essential mobile marketing facts
Since were on the topic of mobile marketing and the growing role it will play in 2014, I was grateful for a gem I received today from friend Mary Scott, president of software company Fishbowl, and Tom Rhoton, VP Marketing of social media amplification company EveryoneSocial, who shared the background for this piece through his platform, Forbes reports.
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Mobile is the only media that is growing TV, print, radio are all shrinking
If there’s one thing we can learn from the history of media, it is this: Money follows eyeballs, according to Business Insider.
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