Samsung’s share of Android activity doubles: report


Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Samsung devices hold a majority of Android activity and are gaining steam, withthe brand’sshare of Android smartphone activity havingmore than doubled in the pasteight months,according to a report from Mixpanel.

During the second-quarter of 2013, 56.67 percent of total Android smartphone activity tookplace on a Samsung device. Consumers with Samsung smartphones are almost twice as active on their devices as consumers with other Android devices, pointing to a key audience for mobile marketers.

Market share is simply devices shipped by a manufacture, it doesnt even mean devices in hand, but if you say for argument’s sake device in hand, not every consumer is going to use the device the same, said Nicole Leverich, director of corporate communications at Mixpanel, San Francisco.

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When you look at what people are doing on phones, by looking at activity, you can look at what people do on different phones, and understanding that is important for marketers, because they want to reach consumers who are really engaged and active especially on their mobile phones, not just people who have a device, she said.

Device usage
A recent IDC study showed that Samsung had a 39 percent share of the Android smartphone market in the second-quarter of 2013, but the Mixpanel results show that not only do a lot of consumers have Samsung phones in their hands, but they are also using them more than other device owners.

The Mixpanel report is based on an aggregated set of more than 16 billion actions analyzed each month during April, May and June of 2013. Mixpanel defines an action by its customers and includes logging into an app, making a purchase or finishing a level in a game.

Mixpanel looked at Samsung, LGE, HTC, Sony and Motorola devices to see which manufacturer yielded the most activity.

Samsung was a clear leader in activity, with all the other devices holding less than 10 percent of total Android activity.

LGE devices came in second with 7.2 percent of all Android activity. Then came HTC at 7.11 percent, Sony at 5.66 percent and Motorola at 5.53 percent.

Thesedevices have also seen activitydouble, but they still come nowhere close to Samsungs share of activity.

Once Samsung was determined to be the clear leader, Mixpanel looked more closely at the different Samsung devices.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 had the largest share of activity at 24.37 percent, followed by the Galaxy S2 with 16.76 percent and the Note 2 with 9 percent of total activity.

Marketing potential
If the IDC market share numbers were not enough, this Mixpanel report clearly shows that Samsung devices have a lot of marketing potential.

Not only are consumers buying Samsung phones, but they are using them often and enjoying the experience since they continue to show high activity levels.

These engaged mobile consumers are prime targets for any mobile marketer, no matter the vertical.

Marketers that want to reach engaged active consumers regardless of what their specific audience is should focus on, if theyre doing mobile campaigns, Samsung devices and apple devices, Ms. Leverich said. Thats going to give them the biggest share of smartphone consumers and the most active, which probably translates to highest spenders as well.

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York

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