Mobile Minutes: Isis, Twitter, publishers, Lenovo


Isis, the mobile payments initiative from ATT, Verizonand T-Mobile, launches across the U.S.
Mobile wallet platform Isis, backed by ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon here in the U.S., is kicking off its nationwide launch today, as previously planned. Alongside the launch, an updated version of the Isis mobile wallet application also hit the Google Play Store yesterday, with separate versions designed for each carriers supported smartphones. Isis says that today there are over 40 supported smartphones that work with the technology, and the carriers will give out free Isis-ready SIM cards to those whose phones are NFC-enabled and on the list, according to TechCrunch.
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Twitter provides more-precise tools for targeting mobile ads
Twitter said Wednesday that it has introduced a set of tools that allow marketers to target ads at mobile users based on a wide range of criteria, including their operating system, their device, and even if they’re on Wi-Fi, CNet reports.
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Smartphone challenger Lenovo chimes with Apple and Samsung strategies
Gartner has published its Q3 mobile phone and smartphone sales estimates and the figures make for very interesting reading. A total of 456 million mobile phones were sold, with smartphones now making up 55 percentof the total, at 250 million devices. The total number of sales for 2013 looks like being in the region of 1.8 billion phones. But who is on the up?, Forbes asks.
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The impact of mobile on publishers – more consumption, less revenue
News organizations will continue to struggle as users transition from consuming media on computers to mobile devices, per Forbes.
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