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Googles new Android app delivers all your news in one place
Google released a new magazine and news-reading app for Android today designed to bring all your daily reads together into one piece of software. The new app, called Newsstand, features both magazines and newspapers, and you can add feeds from blogs and other websites as well. Google says as you use the app, it will learn what kinds of sources and stories you prefer and begin presenting a tailored experience, Wired reports.
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Yahoo now has 400 million monthly mobile users, Marissa Mayer says
When Marissa Mayer took on the CEO job at Yahoo, she knew it needed to up its game in mobile, according to Business Insider.
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Brace yourself for a mobile acquisition feeding frenzy
Consolidation will dominate a rapidly maturing mobile market over the next couple of years. Both IBM and Oracle made moves this past week. This is just the tip of the iceberg! If your enterprise is using mobile technology from a small vendor, expect big changes, per Venture Beat.
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You won’t believe what mobile game developers are doing now to monetize their games
A Los Angeles startup called P4RC (pronounced park) is mobilizing something Ive never seen before delivering on two difficult objectives at the same time. That is, a simultaneous effort to engage and retain gamers without interrupting their experience with the game. You have to give them credit, thats not something anyone else has been able to do. But folks, lets examine this a little closer, says Forbes.
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