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Samsung goes big again with Galaxy Grand 2 smartphone
Samsung has introduced yet another large-screen smartphone, CNet reports.
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As mobile gadgets become bigger, some companies abandon Web sites altogether
The founders of online matchmaker Hinge were struggling to recruit potential daters when they decided in February to abandon their Web site to focus instead on mobile apps, according to The Wall Street Journal.
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Global smartphone shipments to reach 1.8B in 4 years, with 82pc of market
Smartphones just passed the 50 percent mark this past quarter, finally edging out feature phones. But by 2017, 82 percent of all phones sold will be smartphones, according to market researcher NDP, VentureBeat reports.
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Why real-time bidding is going to completely change the equation for mobile advertising
Real-time bidding is to digital advertising what high-frequency trading is to Wall Street. Computerized, algorithm-driven trading allows for the quick buying of ad impressions according to pre-set parameters. Desktop programmatic buying of display is already hugely popular. The coming impact on mobile stands to be even more significant, per Business Insider.
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