Disney keeps ahead of app curve with cross-promotion, updated content: report


One of Disney’s many apps

Disney yet again tops the list of global brands in the mobile landscape, according to a report from Distimo.

Sony and Disney had the most total mobile applications across Apples App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. In terms of downloads, Disney was just behind Facebook on Google Play and was the top brand in Amazon Appstore for October.

I think one of the reasons that Disney maintains a strong lead in the app [space] is that [they] try to stay ahead of the curve, said Anne Hezemans, analyst at Distimo, Utrecht, Netherlands.

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Instead of just offering information on their services, they are always working to offer new types of services, or come out with new types of games and apps, which they also cross-promote within their theme parks, she said. Many people end up downloading their apps while waiting in line at Disneyland or DisneyWorld resorts, for example. Their apps are also very family friendly.

Distimos Global Brands in the Mobile Landscape report looked at the top apps performance during October 2013 across Apples App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore.

Disney rules
Disney clearly is doing something right when it comes to apps.

The company has 251 apps in Apples App Store, 54 in Google Play and 23 in Amazon Appstore.

In the Apple App Store, Disney ranked No. 5 in terms of all of the publishers, and it joined Google, Apple and Facebook as the brands with the most downloads. The most downloaded app in general was YouTube, with Facebook and Google Maps right behind.

On Google Play, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and Adobe Reader were the most downloaded. Right behind Facebook was Google, Disney, Adobe and eBay.

In Amazon’s Appstore, apps from Disney accounted for six of the top 10 spots on the global top free downloads chart in October. Disney was also the brand with the most downloads.

It is interesting to note that Disney rolls out so many different apps as opposed to creating one larger universal app, according to Ms. Hezemans.

The reason some companies like Disney and Sony need so many apps is simply due to the nature of their business,she said. Both companies offer multiple services that cater to various different demographics. For example, Disney makes a lot of successful games, which is an extension of the brand and service.

Sector breakdown
The Distimo report also looked at how different sectors performed in the three app stores.

In Apples App Store and Google Play, technology apps saw the most downloads with media coming in second place. On the Amazon AppStore, media was No. 1, followed by technology and then retail.

Additionally, the apps with the most downloads were from service-oriented businesses.

The report also looked at which apps were the most lucrative.

Apples Pages app topped the list in Apples App Store for highest revenue. Disney apps occupied a majority of the top10 spots on the Apple App Store revenue chart.

MTV and Thomson Reuters also generated revenue from their apps in October.

On Google Play, apps from Disney, Samsung and Adobe made the most revenue, with Nemos Reef by Disney being the most lucrative app.

Disneys clear lead in the app space shows its digital prowess and ability to keep up with the changing technology.

Customers are living in a seamless, hybrid world where online and offline experiences are entwined, said Jez Frampton, global CEO of Interbrand, New York.

Mr. Frampton is not affiliated with Distimo. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Smart devices and the physical world constantly interact in a nonlinear and decentralized array of touch points ranging from Web sites, apps, social media presence and online ads to billboards, broadcast, retail, real estate and other environments, he said. Within this context, digital should be viewed and used as the glue between the often disjointed and disconnected experiences of the real world.

What this means for brands is that nothing is ever in isolation. Digital has multiplied the number of potential touch points or connections that consumers can have with a brand, and in this context, building a seamless brand experience holds the key to genuine customer involvement and loyalty.

Final Take
Rebecca Borison is editorial assistant on Mobile Marketer, New York


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