Mobile Minutes: Katie Couric, Apple, App Store search, BlackBerry


Couric hire is key to Yahoos mobile strategy
A technology company hiring a media personality might not make sense at first, but if you dig through the company’s recent past, it begins to make more sense, according to TechCrunch.
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Apple defeats patent claim over invention of smartphone
Apple Inc., the worlds most valuable technology company, was found by a federal jury not to infringe the patent of a 70-year-old electrical engineer who claims he came up with the idea for the smartphone, Bloombergreports.
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Improved App Store search engine now corrects for users fat finger mistakesand other misspellings
A recent change to Apple’s App Store search engine now leads to improved search results for misspelled queries with small typos, we’ve learned. In addition, searchers looking for an app they know by name, but are unsure if it has spaces in the title, are also seeing better results. For example, those looking for the highly ranked QuizUp game wouldn’t have found it before if they had typed in Quiz Up with a space. Now it appears, per TechCrunch
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BlackBerry finds early success with mobile messaging app
Mobile analytics provider Mobidia has released some usage data on the mobile messaging industry, paying particular attention to the uptake of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) in its first two weeks as a standalone app available on Android, according to Business Insider.
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