Mobile Minutes: Samsung, Microsoft, QuizUp, going global


Samsung eyes 20 megapixels for 2014 smartphone, report says
Samsung is indulging in the mobile camera craze, according to a new report, per CNet.
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Justice clears Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s mobile business
The U.S. Department of Justice approved Microsoft Corp.’s proposed acquisition of Nokia Corp.’s mobile business, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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How trivia app QuizUp managed to attract 3 million users in three weeks
On November 7th Plain Vanilla launched a Trivia App called QuizUp. The performance of the app has surpassed expectations of the creators. The user base continues to grow at an exceptional rate130,000 organic downloads per day. The app was released a little over three weeks ago, already it has attracted over 3 million registered users and has enjoyed the #1 spot in the Apple App Store, according to Forbes.
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Want to go global? Put mobile first
The world is undergoing a mobility transformation. Since Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007, more than 100 billion apps have been downloaded from app stores by consumers worldwide, per CNN.
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