Mobile Minutes: HTC, YotaPhone, display ads, Audiovox


HTC appeals U.K. smartphone ban
HTC Corp. has filed an appeal to overturn a U.K. court order backing Nokia Corp.’s plea to ban some of the Taiwanese company’s smartphones in the country, per The Wall Street Journal.
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YotaPhone: The genesis of a dual-screen smartphone (QA)
With a full-fledged Android display on one side and power-saving e-ink screen on the other, the dual-mode YotaPhone is emerging from the concept cocoon and spreading its wings in the real world, CNet reports.
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Getting mobile display ads to work: Researchers say they’ve discovered sweet spot
When professors Miklos Sarvary, Andrew Stephen and Yakov Bart set up an experiment to test the effectiveness of mobile display ads, they were extremely skeptical. How can this little noisy message help sell a car? Columbia Business Schools Savary wrote in a recent email. Well, it turns out it cant do the job alone but it is sufficient to remind the consumer of an ad she saw before and to keep her thinking about the product even more, according to Forbes.
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Audiovox turns smartphone or tablet into a TV
In this modern era of binge, on-demand, anywhere/anytime TV, you have numerous ways to overdose on television. If you’re not downloading something to watch on your tablet, smartphone or computer, you’re getting your fix by streaming, per USA Today.
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