Mobile Minutes: Apple, Bitcoin, Samsung, Microsoft


Apple stock rises on report of China deal
Apple’s stock rose Thursday following reports of an agreement with China Mobile that gives the tech firm’s iPhones access to the world’s largest mobile phone carrier customer base, USA Today reports.
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Bitcoin boom spreads to iPhones with mobile-payment apps

Matt Tuzzolo, who used to split restaurant bills by sending money via PayPal, now wields his iPhone to pay his fellow diners — in Bitcoins, according to Bloomberg.
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Samsung and Fingerprint team up to create safe mobile apps network for kids
Samsung and Fingerprint have inked a deal to create a mobile kids app network for Samsung devices, per VentureBeat.
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Here’s why Microsoft’s new mobile strategy will help it overtake Apple in 3 years
Most technology companies dont often get the chance to regain a market category lead after being swept aside by not one but two technology giants. In most cases after losing the lead, the company either pivots to a new category or goes out of business. Some companies hit the reset button and make that difficult decision to start over and battle back to regain the relevancy they once had. The latter description, as you probably suspect, aptly portrays Microsoft and Nokia , whose comeback story has all but been written down as a loss, Forbes reports..
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