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Mobile shopping goes mainstream this year
More than ever this holiday season, smartphones and tablets are the way to shop, according to USA Today.
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Mobile payments gain traction among Indias poor
In a narrow room filled with acrid fumes in one of the worlds largest slums, Chinak Ramtheol earns about $4 a day tending machines that melt and slice plastic trash into pellets for recycling, The New York times reports.
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NSA wrongly says warrantless mobile-phone location tracking is legal
National Security Agency snoops are harvesting as many as 5 billion records daily to track mobile phones as they ping nearby cell towers across the globe, per Wired.
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Finally, an app that makes Google Glass seem like a good idea
In the early days of smartphones, apps that layered data over the real worldaugmented reality appswere all the rage. Point your phones camera at the street and the screen would show nearby restaurants and bars. Aim at a building to learn about its history. Or view a magazine through an augmented reality (AR) app and watch the ads comes to life (and who doesnt want more from their ads.) It seemed like a nice idea. But it never really took off. The technology didnt work very well. Content was limited in its scope. Users got bored once the novelty wore off. And it didnt exactly change our relationship with ads, according to Quartz.
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