Mobile Minutes: Panasonic, tech surveillance, FCC, Aldi


Panasonic ‘hybrid’ vacuum can run on smartphone juice
Unless they really suck, sport robotics, or feature cutting-edge design, it’s hard to get excited about vacuum cleaners, per CNet.
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Tech giants issue call for limits on government surveillance of users
Eight prominent technology companies, bruised by revelations of government spying on their customers data and scrambling to repair the damage to their reputations, are mounting a public campaign to urge President Obama and Congress to set new limits on government surveillance, according to The New York Times.
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The FCC’s “Mobile Darwinists” fail again
Newly-installed FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler received his Christmas turkey a little early this year, Forbes reports.
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Aldi ‘low-cost’ tablet sells out
It comes after rival chain Tesco launched its own device, which has sold 300,000 units since it went on sale in September, per BBC.
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