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The quality of your smartphones camera is only half the picture
Ive taken thousands of amazing pictures over the past decade, mostly with my iPhone: two births, countless weddings, mountaintops, sunsets, beaches, foreign lands, and so many other fantastic experiences. And all those photos are in a mess, randomly strewn across dozens of drives in my home and on servers in remote data centers.
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ATT chief: We can’t keep doing big subsidies on phones
ATT’s top executive says the era of big subsidies for devices is coming to an end, as wireless operators can no longer afford to fund a constant smartphone upgrade cycle, per CNet.
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Microsofts social network goes mobile with iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps
Microsofts Socl social network is expanding to mobile devices this week. After originally launching in late 2011, Microsofts Socl experiment has been confined to a browser over the past couple of years. New iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps aim to change that somewhat, with touch-friendly controls for smartphones and a focus on the top mobile operating systems. Each app supports collages, sharing, notifications, and the ability to upload photos and content to the service, The Verge reports.
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PayPal increases mobile investment as smartphones replace cash
PayPal is increasing investment in mobile systems as the electronic-payment service bets that smartphones will increasingly be used instead of cash and credit cards, President David Marcus said, per Bloomberg.
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