Mobile Minutes: Twitter, Europeans, iPhone 5S, Peek


Twitter’s MoPub launches native mobile ads platform
MoPub, which Twitter bought for a reported $350 million in September, on Thursday announced the launch of its native mobile ads platform, according to CNet.
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Europeans pay less for mobile use, but at a cost
Europeans are paying almost two-thirds less for their cellphone contracts than their counterparts in the United States, according to a report to be published Thursday by the British telecommunications regulator, per The New York Times.
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iPhone 5S beats Galaxy S4 as top smartphone worldwide
Apple’s iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 both outsold Samsung’s Galaxy S4 worldwide in October, says market researcher Counterpoint, CNet reports.
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Travel site Peek goes mobile, launches an iOS app for booking aspirational experiences on the go
Since launching a little more than a year ago, Peek is trying to find new ways to help travelers book interesting experiences when visiting new and interesting places. To that end, the company has launched a new iPhone app that will allow users to find interesting this to do even when theyre not in front of a computer, per TechCrunch.
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