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Why battery life should be the new smartphone battleground
Smartphones are unquestionably one of the most useful devices of the 21st century but they continue to have one critical flaw battery life. Weve all been there you forgot to charge your smartphone and you have 10 percentbattery life left to see you through the day,. per Forbes
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Samsung merges camera and mobile divisions in a bid to differentiate its smartphones
The last two specs that have any meaning left on a smartphone’s spec sheet are the camera and the battery. Recognizing the importance of imaging to its phone line and the complementary need for connectivity in modern cameras Samsung has decided to combine its Digital Imaging and Mobile Communications businesses into one, The Verge reports.
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Do your homework before buying tablet for kids
Kids’ tablets range from educational toys that perform more like hand-hand gaming devices to Android tablets good for whole family, according to Business Today.
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10 smartphone must-have features
Any new smartphone has a gimmick. Whether it’s wireless charging, fingerprint scanning or even eye-tracking, there’s always an amazing feature you “can’t live without.” But let’s be honest: many of those features you really can live without, per USA Today.
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