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Tablet highs and lows of 2013
Despite the sometimes overwhelming faceless sea of black bezels, cheap plastic, and wordy model names, tablets continue to come into their own, becoming the slimmer, faster, and lighter portable devices we’ve always wanted, CNet reports.
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Mobile phone coverage: is 4G to blame for 3G signal complaints?
Universal access to superfast internet on a mobile phone is finally becoming a reality. Or is it? All four British networks have begun switching on their 4G masts, but many customers complain they still struggle to get a 3G signal, or even make a phone call, per The Guardian.
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Why banks will be losers to mobile and ecommerce leaders, infographic
If your day job involves the smartphone sector then you know all about patent disputes. Its not just about Apple v Samsung. Patent battles are a part of the lifestyle of what is, in reality, a highly collaborative field. Every smartphone maker uses somebody elses technologies and IP at the core of their products, according to Forbes.
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Apple dominating small and medium business mobile device activations
Intermedia is a third-party provider of hosted Microsoft exchange with almost 700,000 business users. Its customer base is small and medium sized business and it can track what devices are activated to access the applications it hosts. Intermedias data shows that Apple devices made up 76 percentof device activations in the first ten months this year, Forbes reports
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