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Google Glass face recognition app coming this month, whether Google likes it or not
Since Google Glass first appeared, its potential for facial recognition has been seen either as a privacy nightmare or as one of the headsets first truly intriguing uses. Google has declared itself in the first camp. Stephen Balaban is in the second, and hes about to share his vision with Glassheads everywhere, whether Google likes it or not, per Forbes.
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Google annual report lists Samsung as the most searched smartphone brand in 2013
With the year coming to a close, Google released its 13th annual report, Google Zeitgeist, focusing on what grabbed our attention throughout the year. 2013 saw a remarkable upsurge in searches for e-commerce sites in India. E-commerce sites Flipkart, and have been named as the most searched shopping sites of the year, according to Business Today.
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Nokias strategy for selling the Lumia 2520 Windows 8 Tablet is to make you very uncomfortable
I remember in the early 2000s a friend of mine through college had a mullet zine, which was an actual print photocopied irregular publication that featured candid photos hed taken of mullets in the wild. That was the sort of thing that happened in the early 2000s, when mullets were a thing people loved ironically. Nokia thinks mullets are still a thing, and it built an entire ad around the concept of a haircut with business in front and party in the back and its new 2520 Windows 8-based tablet, TechCrunch reports.
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Microsoft gets its tablet strategy right
For years, Microsoft tried unsuccessfully to make a foray into the tablet market dominated by Apple. In the last year the company had some success making its presence felt in this market, and IDC predicting better days ahead for the software pioneer, per Forbes.
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