Mobile Minutes: China Mobile, phablets, Snapchat, KakaoTalk


China deal gives Apple big market to court
Just about any way you slice it, 763 million customers is a huge potential pie, per the New York Times.
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Phablets to outdo small tablets in 2014: Technalysis’s O’Donnell
In the United States, people routinely mock extra-big smartphones that approach tablet-computer dimensions. Maybe its time to stop snickering. Demand for these odd-sized devices is growing so fast in Asia, Europe and Brazil that phablets worldwide in 2014 should outsell traditional smaller tablets, predicts Bob ODonnell, the founder of Technalysis Research, according to Forbes.
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Snapchat adds new “replay” feature, among others, in app update
Snapchat recently updated its iOS and Android apps with some fun new features, but you’d likely never know unless you dug down deep within the app’s Settings menu which would, of course, mean that you have to take a break from exchanging all kinds of saucy holiday images with your friends, PC Mag reports.
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With $200 million in revenue, South Korea’s top messaging app is all smiley faces
In South Korea, there’s no escaping KakaoTalk. The country has a smartphone penetration rate of 73 percent, according to research firm EMarketer, and of those people, 93 percent use the mobile messaging app Kakao, says Nielsen, per Bloomberg.
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