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HP reportedly plans to launch new smartphones
Hewlett-Packard has been talking about getting back into the smartphone game for over a year. Now, a new report on Monday suggests “phablets” could be the company’s way back into the mobile market, per CNet.
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T-Mobile uses Facebook as a gateway drug
Anyone who has taken a middle school health class knows that drug dealers are always lurking around, offering free samples of crack or PCP to children to get them hooked and turn them into paying customers. Apparently the good people at T-Mobile were paying attention in those classes, too, Bloomberg reports.
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The next big thing you missed: A mobile OS that doesnt care what phone its on
Most people just use the operating system that comes with their smartphone. Its easier to simply take what you get from Apple or Nokia or Samsung. But Steve Kondik sees things differently, according to wired.
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Apple reportedly acquires note-taking app catch, BroadMap talent
Two more Apple acquisitions have reportedly been unearthed today by 9to5Mac. The first is of Catch, a note-taking app similar to Evernote that was likely acquired back in July, and the second is BroadMap. The BroadMap acquisition seems more complicated, however, as the company maintains that it still exists and operates separately from Apple, despite much of its staff having moved to Apple according to their LinkedIn profiles, per TechCrunch.
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