Adidas puts mobile diva at center of new international campaign


Adidas tapped a China reality TV star for its Stan Smith sneaker campaign, featuring the singer on YouTube and mobile.

The international sportswear brand also named Momo Wu as its global spokeswoman. Ms. Wu represents the young, hip, digitally connected and Chinese demographics that Adidas seeks to attract.

“Momo Wu is an international superstar, propelled to fame by mobile technology,” said Karen Pattani-Hason, director of new business and partnerships at Aurnhammer, New York. “Her victory on the ‘Voice of China’ was made possible by mobile technology, and indeed her international stardom will depend on her ability to leverage mobile in the future.

“Wus video ‘Live For Now’ has been viewed more than 300 million times, while her ad coverage is almost as extensive as the signal coverage for China Mobile,” she said. “She is primed for super stardom if she continues to exploit these mobile channels.”

Mobile voice
Ms. Wu was a contestant on the first season on the “Voice of China,” a Chinese-language reality TV show that premiered in June 2012. She is the spokesperson for several international brands, including Pepsi, Samsung, Maybelline and Suning, Chinese electrical appliances.

Ms. Wu’s fans are accustomed to tracking her every move via their mobile devices. By naming her its spokesperon, Adidas is banking on that.

Earlier this month, Adidas posted a YouTube video featuring Ms. Wu sharing her feelings about its upcoming Stan Smith sneakers launch.

Adidas Stan Smith YouTube video

Stan Smith is both the name of an American tennis player and an original Adidas sneaker model. Stan Smith was a top-selling shoe for Adidas.

Adidas also posted “The Return of Stan Smith” video on its “adidas Originals” YouTube page.

As of press time, a search for “Stan Smith” on Adidas mobile Web site was unsuccessful, while the same search on Adidas desktop site linked to a “Stan’s Back. 2014 #STANSMITH” page, which showed the sneakers.
Adidas could not be reached before press time to comment.

Sneaker seller
Adidas reported neutral sales in its third quarter, which ended in October. Group revenues were about $15 billion in the first nine months of 2013, down 4 percent.

Strong momentum in China helped offset declines in Europe and the United States.

Ms. Wu’s popularity may also boost Adidas’ — especially in China, with its 3 billion potential customers.

Adidas Originals target urban and mobil youth.

In 2009, Adidas engaged the youth demographic with its “Urban Art Guide” application, which enabled users to pinpoint urban art within a city and take a walking tour led by the application (see story).

“Adidas is an international brand, and Momo is becoming an international star,” Ms. Pattani-Hason said. “Leveraging mobile to reach her fans worldwide is probably the most effective way to promote both Momo Wus music, as well as the new Stan Smith designs for Adidas.”

“Millennials often experience culture and news on their mobile devices first nearly 40 percent of Internet usage now happens on mobile devices, with music up to 57 percent and retail up 38 percent on mobile, according to comScore – so, creating campaigns made for mobile consumption will be critical to marketing success for the Adidas / Momo Wu collaboration,” she said.

Final Take
Kari Jensen is staff writer on Mobile Marketer, New York

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