Mobile Minutes: In-app purchases, business smartphones, Britons, Apple vs. Google


People spend way more on purchases in free apps than they do downloading paid apps
A new report from eMarketer shows that over the course of 2013, mobile users have become increasingly more likely to make purchase inside of free apps than to purchase an application that costs money to download, according to Business Insider.
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Top 5 business smartphones of the year
Picking a smartphone for daily use isn’t easy. Picking a smartphone to help you run your business is even trickier. With a seemingly endless slate of smartphone releases, each packing unique hardware and features at a dizzying array of price points, it’s hard to know which one to pick. With that in mind, here are five great smartphones from 2013 that will make you more productive in the New Year, per Business News Daily.
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Half of Britons now using a tablet
The Christmas leap in tablet computer sales means that half of Britons are now using them, following a flood of cheap devices on to the market, Telegraph reports.
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Apple and Google’s mobile war: A photographic timeline
Why do we feel so passionate about our operating systems? In the latest episode of Adventures in Tech, we explore the psychology behind smartphone fandom. Hit the link below to explore our findings, and click through these photos to check out the biggest moments and products in the iOS/Android war, per CNet.
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