MTV pulls double duty with streaming, second-screen app

Viacoms MTV continues to build up its mobile chops with a new Android application that not only lets fans catch-up on their favorite shows but also use their smartphones and tablets in conjunction with live programming.

With more consumers using their smartphones and tablets during all parts of watching entertainment content, MTVs Android app highlights the need for broadcasters to bundle multiple features into a universal app for viewers. Previously, the MTV app was only available for iOS devices.

“Simply put, we want to be everywhere that our fans are, said Kurt Patat, vice president of communications at MTV, New York.

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After a successful iOS launch, we’ve now created a three-in-one video experience for Android users that will bring them closer to their favorite characters and shows than ever before, he said.

Stream on mobile
The free Android app lets MTV TV subscribers log-in with their account information to access full-length versions of their favorite shows.

The app stores recent episodes from programs including Catfish, Teen Wolf, Real World and Awkward.

MTV fans can also access additional bonus clips, sneak peaks and other mobile-exclusive video content.

In addition to catching up on recent episodes, MTVs app doubles as a companion guide during live programming.

A screenshot of the new Android app

The app syncs with on-air primetime content to pull up photos and trivia while viewers watch a TV show.

Additionally, viewers can browse through facts and read exclusive show information from the app.

MTV is also capitalizing on the growing stream of social conversations during shows by pulling in show-specific Twitter feeds. Viewers can also tweet and Facebook chat directly from the app.

Finally, the MTV app includes information about MTVs special events. These include MTVs Video Music Awards, Music Awards and Movie Awards shows.

Building a mobile powerhouse
Viacom has been building up its mobile strategy for its brands around apps for years.

In 2011, MTV rolled out the WatchWith app that lets consumers plug into Facebook and Twitter to stay connected to their favorite TV shows in real-time (see story).

Then in 2012, Wrigleys 5 Gum became the launch sponsor on MTVs Music Meter app. The Music Meter app ranks music artists on a daily basis based on the broadcasters own algorithm that gauges what music is being talked about most (see story). 

Most recently, Comedy Central rolled out an app called CC: Stand-Up that showcases the comedy networks library of video content (see story).

As consumers increasingly expect to watch their favorite shows from their smartphones and tablets, MTV likely has a big opportunity to target its tech-savvy millennial audience.

Consumers have become device agnostic they are more interested in the content than the delivery method, said Paul Bremer, general manager of blinkx Mobile, San Francisco.

Mr. Bremer is not associated with MTV. He commented based on his expertise on the subject.

Any app or site that opens up premium content with a great user experience on smartphones and tablets is incentive enough for content loyalists, he said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York

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