Mobile Minutes: ZTE, tech hubs, Strikingly, US Postal Service


ZTE creates mobile business group
Chinese telecom equipment supplier ZTE Corp. is beefing up its mobile devices operation this year as it sees more growth opportunities in the fast-moving smartphone market, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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Rise of mobile computing fosters new tech hubs
The rise of mobile computing has fostered a fresh round of tech start-ups around the world, turning cities such as New York, Tel Aviv and Berlin into magnets for entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the boom in smartphone and tablet computing, per The Financial Times.
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Strikingly review: Make mobile-friendly Web sites with your Facebook profile and a click
Facebook contains plenty of your personal information, but having a Facebook page is a far cry from having a personal Web site. Unless you use Strikingly, a cool Web site building service that pulls data from your Facebook account and uses it to create a slick-looking Web site you can call your own, according to PCWorld.
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The US Postal Service is testing mobile point-of-sale technology
Door-to-door mail delivery might be on its last legs, but that isn’t stopping the US Postal Service from flogging the horse. Now, it’s testing a mobile point-of-sale system to reduce waiting times in its customer lines, per Gizmodo.
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