Mobile Minutes: AT&T, Ice cream truck, The Voice UK, Tablet apps


Temptation: ATT offers T-Mobile users $450 to switch
Once upon a time, ATT wanted to own T-Mobile. Now it wants to destroy its competitor, per CNet.
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Ice cream truck to replace loud music with mobile text messages
Detailed by The Local, residents of the Swedish town of Eslov have complained so much about the loud music playing on the speaker of the local ice cream truck that the ice cream company plans to silence the jingles in favor of silent text messages. Residents filed an official complaint about the music due to an increase in volume during the winter months. According to Engelholm ice-cream president Carl Gustaf Gudmundsson, the driver increased the volume in order to attract more kids and adults out of the home since most are inside staying warm, Digital Trends reports.
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“The Voice UK” adds app voting for third season
An expanded app for the singing competition on the BBC will allow users to vote during the live finals and puts them in the coaches’ position with a new game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
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10 great apps for your new tablet
If you’re new to the world of tablets, it’s not surprising that you might not know where to start. You’ll hear a lot of talk about “apps.” Apps are applications. Think of them as software programs customized for your tablet, per USA Today.
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