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Marketing through the small screen: The growing shift to mobile app culture
Welcome to the latest frontier of the app economy. Now, its marketing leaders turn to create mobile apps to gain the edge in todays hyper-competitive economy. Most are building and releasing apps not only for customer consumption, but also to better connect employees and partners. However, for most marketers, app strategies are uncharted territory, as they need to design and develop their apps and measure results from scratch. It also suggests an increasing role for marketing executives in technology management, per Forbes.
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High-stakes games: Tencent rolls the dice on mobile
Tencent Holdings, China’s largest Internet company by revenue, is betting that one-upmanship between friends playing addictive mobile games will boost revenue from WeChat, a social messaging app used by over half of all Chinese smartphone users, Reuters reports.
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Water is the enemy, Gatorade mobile game tells youth
If you thought Big Soda’s decades-long “War on Water” — part of their strategy to increase sales of soda and other bottled drinks — couldn’t get any worse, you were wrong. The latest assault, courtesy of PepsiCo, is in the form of a mobile game for youth that brands water as the enemy of athletic performance, according to The Huffington Post.
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Yahoos news digest app: The least overwhelming news source ever
Everyone knows why the Internet is the best way ever invented to get the news: Its an endless smorgasbord of stories on every conceivable topic, easily personalized to your interests and available whenever you want it, per Time.
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