Mobile Minutes: Touch ID, Facebook, automakers, Samsung


Beyond Touch ID: Where mobile fingerprint scanners are headed
Apple isn’t the only one looking to shove a fingerprint sensor onto its smartphone, per CNet.
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How Facebook gets you to test new stuff on itsmobile app
Facebooks mobile apps no longer run purely on web technology. Instead, they run as native software loaded onto iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other mobile gear. The upside is that the app is much faster and more responsive than before. The downside, for Facebook, is that testing the app is far more difficult. The iPhone app is separate from the Android app, and so on, Wired reports.
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As automakers tap smartphone technology, concerns grow about use of drivers data
These days, your driving habits are largely a secret held between you and your car. Very soon, your car may become a blabbermouth, according to The Washington Post.
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Report: Samsung to launch Galaxy S5 smartphone by April
Samsung plans on releasing the latest model of its popular Galaxy S smartphone by April, per USA Today.
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