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Microsoft, in midst of CEO search, needs a plan for the mobile future
Microsoft is a company in search of itself. Its not simply because of its now five-month quest for a chief executive to replace Steve Ballmer after 13 years at the helm. It requires more than simply finding a way to counteract a fall-off in desktop computers. It runs deeper than finding footing in a mobile world that it realized, perhaps too late, was the future of its industry, according to The Washington Post.
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Mobile tech is changing the game for philanthropy
It’s often assumed that technology makes us antisocial, funneling our attention away from people and toward our gadgets during commutes, meals, even family gatherings, per USA Today.
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Nokia smartphone sales continue decline
Nokia has signed off its once dominant position in the smartphone market with a further decline in handset sales in the last set of results before the business is bought by Microsoft next month, The Financial Times reports.
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Asia is No. 1 market for mobile apps, study says
The smartphone and tablet phenomena began in the United States, after Apple introduced the iPhone and the iPad. But most of the sales from mobile software are coming from Asia, per The New York Times.
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