Mobile Minutes: Millennial Media, PayPal, Apple, iBeacon privacy


Millennial Media’s new CEO focused on building company, not a sale
Selling a promising technology startup to Google for $400 million helped propel new Millennial Media CEO Michael Barretts career, but thats not necessarily the path he sees for the Baltimore mobile advertising firm, per Baltimore Business Journal.
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PayPal executive leaves for mobile payments startup Clinkle
Clinkle has hired away an executive from digital payments giant PayPal, the startup announced Tuesday, CNet reports.
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Apple CEO confirms company is looking into mobile payments
Apple CEO, Tim Cook, on Monday confirmed that the Cupertino giant, was looking into a mobile payments system of its own. It was earlier reported that Jennifer Bailey, online store executive, had been tasked with setting it all up, according to NDTV.
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This app follows you while you shopand it needs a clearer privacy policy
Last year, Apple quietly introduced iBeacon into location services on iOS 7. It’s a technology that can track your position and movements in places like stores and restaurants. It functions kind of like GPS but uses more energy-efficient Bluetooth communication. When you install a third-party app that uses iBeacon, a destination (like a store or a stadium) can know when you enter, where you go, what you look at, and when you leave, per Slate.
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