Mobile Minutes: Apple medical apps, Facebook, Monitise, Pebble


Apple executives met with FDA to discuss mobile medical applications
Apple has signaled strong interest in health-monitoring technology, which could wind up in a widely anticipated smartwatch, The New York Times reports.
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Facebook finally brings its Graph Search to mobile devices
Facebook says it likes to move fast, but it took its sweet time rolling out one feature to mobile devices, according to VentureBeat.
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Monitise buys Turkeys Pozitron for up to $100M to take its mobile money network to the Middle East
Some consolidation in the world of mobile commerce: Monitise, a UK-based company that works with the likes of Visa to build and roll out mobile payment solutions, has acquired mobile commerce technology provider Pozitron for $100 million in an all-share deal. This is about inorganic expansion: Pozitron is based in Istanbul, Turkey and is most active in its home market and the Middle East, two regions where Monitise has been less strong, per TechCrunch.
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Pebble smartwatch app store launches Monday on iOS
If you own a Pebble smartwatch, it’s about to get a lot more functional, PCMag reports.
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