Mobile Minutes: Connect through mobile, Selfie-friendly phones, tablet love affair, Apple removes Bitcoin app


Four ways brands can leverage mobile to connect with consumers
Mobile devices have become an extension of our being. Sounds dramatic doesn’t it? But when you consider how much personal information your smartphone and wearable tech holds and how often you interact with these devices on a daily basis, they suddenly become a third eye: all seeing and all knowing, per The Guardian.
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Narcissists dream: Selfie-friendly phone
Selfie was Oxford Dictionaries word of the year in 2013. And selfies are powerful business; #me is the third-most-common tag on Instagram, appended to more than 184 million photos, according to the apps Web viewer, Webstagram. (Numbers 1 and 2 are #love and #instagood.), The New York Times reports.
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Our love affair with the tablet is over
Back in 2011, I was having an all-consuming love affair with tablets. At the time, I was the first-ever head of mobile at Netflix. I saw tablets in my sleep, running apps that would control homes, entertain billions, and dutifully chug away at work. Tablets, I was convinced, were a third device category, a tweener that would fill the vacuum between a phone and a laptop. I knew that was asking a lot at the time, however, I didnt know just how much, according to re/code.
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Apple removes Blockchain, last Bitcoin wallet app, from iOS App Store
Apple on Wednesday removed Blockchain, the last remaining application in its mobile store for transmitting bitcoins, signaling the continuing uncertainty around the virtual currency, per PCWorld.
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