Mobile Minutes: Microsoft, HTML5, smartphone "kill switch", citizen-cops


Microsoft under Nadella: Reimagining mobile and cloud, finally
Well, the white smoke from the Microsoft CEO search chimney signaled this week that the company had finally selected a new CEO Satya Nadella. The selection and the speculation about who would be named CEO of the venerable software behemoth was highly publicized and closely followed, mainly because the one-time software monopoly has repeatedly under-executed or just flat out missed major technology trends over the last decade, per Forbes.
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HTML5 trumping iOS among app developers in emerging mobile markets
While Android and iOS are the platforms that will guarantee mobile developers an audience in the US and Europe, developers in much of the rest of the world favour HTML5 over iOS, according to ZDNet.
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Smartphone “kill switch” proposed by California legislators
Officials in California on Friday are set to outline proposed state legislation requiring smartphones and other mobile devices to have a kill switch that would render them inoperable if lost or stolen, The Los Angeles Daily News reports.
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Argentines become citizen-cops with smartphone app
A free smartphone application has encouraged more than 70,000 Argentines to become citizen-cops as they shop, per The Washington Post.
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