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Verizon confirms “More Everything,” brings price cuts, more data, global texting
Verizon Wireless is finally getting its hands dirty in this price war, CNet reports.
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Emerging nations catching up to U.S. on technology adoption, especially mobile and social media use
For Americans, cell phones are omnipresent. Many check their Facebook page multiple times a day. Access to WiFi is not a problem for most. Technology use in the U.S. has risen over the past two decades as products and service became more sophisticated and affordable, according to Pew Research Center.
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Fast growing opportunity in Europe’s $86 billion app economy
In the global battle to achieve parity in smartphones, Europes achievements are diminishing. Nokia is gone as a handset maker. Consumer electronics makers like Philips left the sector years ago. Ericsson is out too, per Forbes.
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Uber car-hailing app expands in China’s congested market
Uber, the car-hailing app that is growing fast in New York and London, outlined ambitions to serve China’s legions of potential passengers, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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