Mobile Minutes: Firefox, apps and storefronts, Airtel and Loop Mobile, job seekers


Firefox OS sinks its teeth into low-end smartphones
In an impressive first-year achievement, Firefox OS has found a toehold in a fiercely competitive smartphone market. The next challenge for Mozilla’s browser-based mobile operating system will be to convert that toehold into a foothold, CNet reports.
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What mobile apps can learn from traditional storefronts
Is it possible that the everyday storefronts of America coffee shops, restaurants, even farmstands have something deep in common with the fast-changing mobile app economy? What can a high-tech mobile app learn from a low-tech brick mortar storefront on a local street corner? Forbes takes a stab at these questions.
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Airtel to buy Loop Mobile
All subscribers and assets of Loop Mobile in Mumbai circle will merge with Bharti Airtel, Indias biggest mobile operator said in a statement on Tuesday. “The proposed association will undergo seamless integration once definitive agreements are signed, and is subject to regulatory and statutory approvals,” it added, per The Hindu.
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Job seekers’ secret weapon: Mobile devices, not the Web
Whats the one thing that has changed the hiring process more than any other factor? Technology. And if you think tech means Web, youre already behind the eight ball, according to US News World Report.
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