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IPhones may be vulnerable to hacker attack, Apple issues fixNew app helps you fight parking tickets
Few things enrage normally calm people like finding a parking ticket tucked under the windshield wiper of their car, per CNN.
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Pacemaker: A groundbreaking DJ app for iPad, powered by Spotify
A touch-sensitive slab of glass has the potential to be an incredible musical instrument. Actually, it has the potential to be any number of incredible instruments. Sadly, most of the music making apps weve seen so far have been facsimiles of instruments that have existed long before multitouch, from the dinky virtual drum sets of GarageBand to the myriad analog synthesizers youll find available in the App Store, faithfully reproduced in miniature, according to Wired.
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Google announces Project Tango, a smartphone that can map the world around it
Google has built a prototype Android smartphone that can learn and map the world around it. The device comes from a new initiative called Project Tango, and it’s ready to get the phone into developers’ hands to see what the technology is capable of, The Verge reports.
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How China Mobile can maintain its dominance with 4G
The Chinese government awarded TD-LTE licenses to all three telecom carriers in China in December of last year to offer fourth generation cellular (4G) services. China Mobile, which had been at the forefront of TD-LTE (Time Division- Long Term Evolution) rollout and trials in the country, was also the first telecom carrier to launch its 4G services, per Forbes.
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