Mobile Minutes: Bigger smartphones, MWC trends, growing the news business, EU and in-app purchases


Handset makers go big on smartphones
Smartphones are going against one of the long-held rules in portable electronics, that smaller is better, The New York Times Reports.
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Key trends from the world’s biggest mobile technology show
Mobile World Congress spans the full spectrum of untethered gadgetry, from the next generation of mobile phone networks to wireless charging technology, according to CNN.
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Mobile is the linchpin to growing the news business 100x
Marc Andreessen had a great piece today that turned one of his most recent tweet storms into a full fledged blog post about the future of the news industry. Unlike some others, its a really good read. I wont go into all of it, but there is a specific point that stuck out, per Forbes.
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Europe invites Apple, Google to discuss “in-app” purchases
The European Commission announced plans on Thursday to tackle one of the scourges of the modern age – games on tablets and mobile phones that allow adults and children to rack up vast credit card bills by making “in-app” purchases, Reuters reports.
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