Mobile Minutes: Saudi women and Uber, mobile banking crash, off the grid, Arlington and tablets


Saudi women welcome taxi app Uber
In the only country in the world where women cant drive, the launch of an app that allows users to book cars online might just offer women some relief from the stifling rules that forbid them to operate a vehicle, per Al Jazeera.
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NatWest suffers “payday” mobile banking crash
NatWest faced further embarrassment today after another technical failure, The Telegraph reports.
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A smartphone that tries to slip you off the grid
Mike Janke used to be a Navy SEAL sniper. These days he’s taking on the government and corporate America. He’s the founder of Blackphone, an Android-based smartphone with privacy as its main selling point, according to NPR.
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Arlington plans to give every student a tablet
Arlington Public Schools is planning to introduce a new technology initiative starting next school year that would give every student a tablet, per The Washington Post.
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