Mobile Minutes: Distracted parenting, reinventing reading, Google, Microsoft


Do mobile devices promote distracted parenting?
Many people agree that focusing on a smartphone or tablet is a bad idea when you’re supposed to be driving a car, but what about when you’re parenting a child?, The Los Angeles Times asks.
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Company aims to reinvent reading in mobile era
The digital era is bombarding us with words, a torrent of e-mails, texts, and tweets that at some point can be just too much, per The Boston Globe.
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Google searches for role in app age
Its name has become a verb meaning “to search,” but as users shift to mobile devices, Google Inc. is suddenly faced with the threat that its search engineand its advertising businessare becoming less relevant, The Wall Street Journal reports.
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Five reasons Microsoft could become a top Android smartphone company
The audience and the judge have spoken in our recent Microsoft and Android debate and they agreed with me that Microsoft/Nokia making Android phones is a smart move. But, can Microsoft give Samsung a run for its money as a top Android company? I think Microsoft might have a real chance of doing just that, according to ZDNet.
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