Mobile Minutes: Monitored man, iOS 8, Sprint, what’s next on mobile?


The monitored man
For years, health advocates have been telling us to move more. But just how much more?, The New York Times asks.
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Expect better Apple Maps navigation app in iOS 8, report says
Apple will roll out a new and improved version of the Maps navigation app in the next major update for its iPhone and iPad software, a report Tuesday said, per The Los Angeles Times.
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Sprint wants T-Mobile, but don’t count on it
Sprint’s parent company wants to buy T-Mobile. But U.S. regulators fought hard to keep T-Mobile independent in the past and likely will do the same in the future, according to CNN.
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What’s next in mobile – smartphone, tablets, wearables or more? Ask Skyworks
A few weeks ago we had a great conversation with Bill Davidson of Qualcomm, which served as a precursor of sorts to the Mobile World Congress, the largest mobile trade show/industry event, Forbes reports.
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