Mobile Minutes: Tablets on the menu, curing cancer, payment influence, NYC smartphone hunt, Google smart watch


Tonights menu special: Tablets
Napkin? Check. Knife, fork and spoon? Check. Salt and pepper? Check. Tablet. Wait, tablet? Yes, check. Whether its a Ziosk or an iPad, this much is for sure: the hottest trend at casual dining restaurants is the high-tech tablet computer on the table, according to Fox News.
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Better than Candy Crush: This smartphone game helps scientists find a cure for cancer
There are many addicting smartphone games out there Angry Birds, Flappy Bird and Candy Crush are just a small sample. None of them are quite like Play to Cure: Genes in Space; its goal is to help scientists at Cancer Research UK decode genetic material while virtually blasting through space. In just one month citizen scientists have decoded DNA that would have, according to Medical News Today, taken six months to analyze, Salon reports.
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Who is leading the digital mobile payment influence battle?
The way we pay for goods and services is changing, as the world migrates from cash and credit cards to apps we run on our smartphones. Its an evolution made possible by ubiquitous mobile platforms and always-on Internet connections, fueled by upstarts like Square and Stripe, and propelled by industry veterans like MasterCard who dont want to be left behind, per Forbes.
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NYC to host smartphone hunt for giant Easter eggs
New York City is getting ready for an old-fashioned Easter egg hunt with a 21st-century twist: The public will hunt for the eggs as part of an interactive contest using a smartphone app, according to ABC News.
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Google introduces an Android for smart watches
Google hasnt found a hit in making computers, Internet-connected glasses or smartphones. Maybe a wristwatch will do the trick, The New York Times reports.
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