Mobile Minutes: European net neutrality, smartwatch app makers, mobile search ads, kindergarten tablet time


European panel adopts “net neutrality” and mobile roaming rules
A panel of lawmakers voted on Tuesday for tougher measures to promote equal access to the Internet and to cut the cost of cellphone charges across the 28-member European Union, The New York Times reports.
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Samsung, Google race to woo smartwatch app makers
In the smartphone world, Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have a complex relationship that has made them both close allies and intense competitors, per The Wall Street Journal.
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Report: Google’s mobile ad prices now ona steep rise
One of the only serious concerns about Google in the past year or so has been falling prices for search ads, mostly from the lower prices commanded by the ads when theyre run on mobile devices. But that concern may be fading as marketers increasingly flock to reach people on smartphones and tablets, according to Forbes.
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Washington Elementary adds Tablet Time to kindergarten classes
Marissa Hagerman, a 5-year-old student in Jessica Schlechter’s kindergarten class, is learning how to spell. Sounding out each letter, she carefully writes the words “act” and “like” before raising her hand for her teacher to check her work, The Evening Sun reports.
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