Razor kickstarts mobile strategy with community-building efforts


Razor’s mobile app

Razors new application that pulls together social media, content and commerce is the latest example of how brands targeting younger demographics need to create compelling all-inclusive mobile experiences. 

Razors app is the first step in a bigger marketing and licensing deal with Scarab Entertainment that will also include mobile and console games in the future. The app is essentially a hub for all of Razors content and is geared towards children and their friends who want to try new tricks on their razors.

The penetration of kids on mobile is just so amazing at this point this is part of a much bigger digital strategy where Razor wants to be on the forefront of figuring out where kids eyeballs are migrating, said Katherine Mahoney, vice president of marketing at Razor, Cerritos, CA.

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There is a real shift for kids very young, and we want to be where they are going, she said.

Razor is a line of scooters and wheeled products.

Mobile tricks
Razors app pulls in images of scooter tricks that consumers can copy on their own.

There is also a photo-based feature that lets kids snap a picture of themselves doing a trick. The picture can then be turned into a digital card that can be shared to friends and family members.

The app integrates the scooter brands community program so that consumers can log-in to their account. RazorRiders is a social media platform where fans can access chats, videos and content related to the brand.

Razor’s app

In addition to the gaming features, the app also links consumers to Razors Web site. Via the site, consumers can learn more about the companys products and shop them from retailers including Toys R Us or shop razor parts.

There is also information on upcoming Razor events and links to the brands YouTube page.

The Razor Trickshare app is available for free download for iPhone and Android devices.

Building a community
Razor is not the only sports brand leveraging mobile to create a community of users.

Nike rolled out a similar app in November that creates a community of skaters. Users can upload pictures and videos of themselves performing tricks via the app (see story).

Given that mobile photo-sharing and social media are two of the biggest activities that Razors consumers are using their mobile devices for, the app gives the brand a way to control how users interact with Razor.

According to Ms. Mahoney, Razors core demographic are boys between the ages of 10 and 12, who are increasingly sharing photos on all of the social and mobile networks.

They are the ones that are on Instagram and sharing photos this was really built with them in mind, Ms. Mahoney said.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York

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