Mobile Minutes: Kenya, March Madness, IBM Watson, Alibaba, IgnitionOne acquires Knotice


The world’s unlikely leader in mobile payments: Kenya
It’s easier to pay for a cab ride in Kenya on your mobile phone than it is just about anywhere else in the world. Almost 80 percentof people with cell phones use them for mobile payment and banking (and three quarters of the people in Kenya own cell phones), primarily through the M-Pesa system. Half of all mobile money transactions in the world take place in Kenya, where annual transfers have reached $10 billion, according to Tech Republic.
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Mobile devices add allure to March Madness at work
Every year, the NCAA college basketball tournament gives employees a reason to goof off at their desks and root for their alma maters, per ABC News.
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IBM Watson-powered mobile apps can reinvigorate brick-and-mortar retailers
Its safe to say that many of us are fans of online shopping. The ease of use, convenience and abundance of available products make it incomparable to brick-and-mortar retail. Yet every now and then many of us get the urge to go through the seemingly archaic process of shopping at a real store, Wired reports.
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Alibaba sinks $215 million into messaging app Tango, valuing it at more than $1 billion
Chinas Alibaba is the latest Internet giant to make a bet on the messaging space, and its a big one. The company is spending $215 million for a minority stake in the messaging and free-calling app Tango, the startup revealed today, per Forbes.
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IgnitionOne ignites its hub with DMP acquisition
The acquisition of Knotice, a marketing data management platform, creates a new option for digital marketers looking to combine first- and third-party data to fuel cross-channel programs, Gartner reports.
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