What to expect at IAB Mobile Marketplace

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Brands, marketers and agencies will meet in New York to discuss the challenges and opportunities that mobile presents at the Interactive Advertising Bureaus Mobile Marketplace on April 7.

This years Mobile: The Key to Unlocking the Cross Screen Universe conference is meant to help marketers better understand the growing number of challenges with mobile and how the medium fits into bigger marketing mixes. The day is broken up into a series of workshops, keynotes and discussions and will take place at New Yorks Crowne Plaza Hotel.

This year we are focusing on mobile not as a discrete entity, but as part of the larger marketing ecosystem, specifically we’re looking at how mobile is the entryway to a cross-screen universe, said Anna Bager, vice president and general manager at IAB Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, New York.

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Until we can leverage the unique opportunities of mobile, and overcome its unique challenges, reaching consumers in a truly cross-screen way remains just out of reach, she said.

Mobile break through
Topics covered at the conference will include cross-platform measurement, programmatic and brand building on smartphones and tablets.

For example, one session with Miha Mikek, CEO of Celtra, Boston, will outline the creative challenges and opportunities in using rich media to build up brand awareness.

There are also how-to and mythbuster sessions meant to clear up some of the misconceptions about mobile that show marketers how to use particular tactics.

For example, Stephanie Bauer Marshall, director of precision market insights at Verizon Wireless, Basking Ridge, NJ, will present a how-to session on mobile using a combination of offline and online data.

Additionally, Lou Paskalis, vice president of global media, content development and mobile marketing at Bank of America, Charlotte, NC, will discuss how mobile fits into the financial institutions initiatives.

Below, some speakers weigh in on what attendees can expect at the conference.

Jason Pope, vice president of mobile and audience on demand at VivaKi, Chicago
Marketers should attend if they are struggling to navigate the mobile programmatic space. There are some very unique challenges in mobile, and we will attempt to clearly define the space and outline key things to consider when engaging with mobile partners and vendors all in 10 minutes.

Stephanie Bauer Marshall, director of precision market insights at Verizon Wireless
There are many solutions in the marketplace that claim accuracy and privacy, but we need to cut through the clutter together, identify the challenges were truly up against and talk about the real addressability and targeting solutions we know Verizons Precision Market Insights can deliver safely, accurately and in a privacy-safe manner.

Were all in this together and through a series of how-to discussions, well help marketers better understand how to effectively reach customers while providing them with true transparency, choice and control.

Final Take
Lauren Johnson is associate reporter on Mobile Marketer, New York

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