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Lenders place their bets on mobile banking
At a time when banks are struggling with revenue and profit growth, mobile banking is emerging as a critical weapon in the battle to retain customers and cut expenses. The average cost to a lender for a mobile transaction is 10 cents, about half that of a desktop-computer transaction and far less than the $1.25 average cost of an ATM transaction, according to data from Javelin Strategy Research.
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European shoppers to spend twice as much on mobile
A fifth of online transactions in the UK are anticipated to take place on mobile devices this year, according to research conducted by the Centre for Retail Research.
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Aircraft suppliers woo with new tech in a tablet-toting world
Ever fancied seeing your name in lights as you boarded a plane? A hologram to take you through your in-flight entertainment options? Or how about something simpler, like an easy place to rest your tablet?
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EBay makes peace with Carl Icahn, cuts off proxy fight
In a press release Thursday morning the company said it reached an agreement with Icahn that would cut off a proxy fight that threatened to turn its upcoming shareholder meeting into something of a referendum on the billionaires pitch for Ebay to spin off PayPal.
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