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Fashion in the age of Instagram
The professional photographers on the risers facing the runways now represent only a fraction of those furiously jockeying to document each outfit, accessory and bit of set dressing. Nearly every show attendee, from the front row to the standing section, now arrives with phone in hand and Instagram account primed.
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Online ad revenues blow past broadcast TV, thanks to mobile and video
That stark change is apparent in a new report that says for the first time, Internet ad revenues have passed those of broadcast TV. Not all of TV, mind you. While online ad sales, which rose 17% to hit $42.8 billion last year, according to the report from the industry group Interactive Advertising Bureau, had already passed cable TV, broadcast and cable combined still dwarf online ads at $66 billion.
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Google boosts Android security with continual app scanning
Google is about to make the process of app scanning, verification, and warning a wee bit easier by unveiling a new extension to its Verify apps service. The Android overlord will now automatically check devices on a continual basis to ensure that “all apps are behaving in a safe manner, even after installation.”
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Google offers Glass to the unwashed masses for one day only
To date, Google’s Glass headset has only been available to people as part of the invite-only Glass Explorer program. Now, the company appears to be expanding that program to a second wave of early adopters. At 9am EDT on April 15th, anyone with a little time and a lot of money will be able to purchase Glass for a limited time. Google has posted a sign-up page here that will send you a reminder when the sale goes live.
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